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Naustor Technology offers cost-saving solutions for disinfecting equipment and premises in the fishing industry.


The ozone systems can produce ozone-saturated seawater or fresh water that is flushed / sprayed onto production equipment and surfaces. Alternatively, ozone gas is produced which disinfects air and surfaces that come into contact with the gas. One can use ozone in the dishwasher system, tanks and pipes without the use of chemicals and hot water. Ozone gas can also be added to an enclosed space to disinfect hard-to-reach surfaces on production equipment. Ozone acts as an effective odor remover.


The plants we supply have an integrated oxygen system in the generators. This gives a high concentration and thus better and faster effect. Additional benefits are that the need for hazardous chemicals is reduced or eliminated and the wear and tear of equipment and surfaces decreases.

An ozone system can operate automatically and requires no special expertise. The facilities are largely maintenance-free and thus cost-saving.


Our products are approved and listed in the Norwegian Food Safety Authority's register of approved disinfectants for use in the fishing industry.

Disinfection with OZON on

fish processing plant

Naustor Technology ozone generators are used:

For cleaning and disinfecting:

  • Vacuum and cooling tanks

  • Storage container

  • Conveyors

  • Workstations

  • Process equipment

  • Walls and floors

  • Tools

  • Nets

  • Vessel deck

  • Where chemicals are used today


Fixed and mobile ozone systems


Naustor Technology supplies ozone systems for fixed central assembly and mobile units.

Larger centrally mounted systems are used when large quantities of disinfectant and frequent treatment are required. If consumption is moderate and the equipment to be processed is located in different locations, a mobile device that can be easily moved between different locations may be beneficial. The mobile unit can also be mounted as a space mounted unit and manufactured in two sizes.

Skjermbilde 2020-05-05 kl. 13.48.02.png

Ozone generator on frame

Skjermbilde 2020-05-05 kl. 13.47.36.png

Central mounted unit

Skjermbilde 2020-05-05 kl. 13.47.48.png

Mobile ozone generator

Naustor ozone generators have the following characteristics:

  • Works with both air and oxygen. Use with air in most cases produces enough ozone. By using oxygen, the efficiency and ozone concentration / capacity increase significantly from the generator.

  • Floating Plate Technology ™ lowers energy consumption. The FPT also means that maintenance needs are low and the service life is long.

  • The generators are air cooled. No external cooling system is needed. Installation is simple and there is little need for maintenance.

  • Degassing system ensures the elimination of bubbles and excess gas.

  • The generators have a built-in control system with temperature protection and regulation.

  • All Naustor Technology ozone generators are approved for use in fish farming.

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Fishing vessels

Ozone cleaning and disinfection is a cost-saving, efficient and environmentally friendly cleaning of RSW

system, tanks, and pipes on board fishing vessels.


To get the best results, we adapt each ozone system to the technical equipment and rooms in the boat. (See reference list)


Purification in RSW systems works by dissolving the ozone in seawater which is recycled in the RSW system. The same method is also used for disinfection.


The plants we supply have an oxygen system integrated in the generators. Ozone produced on oxygen gives a high concentration and thus better and faster effect.


The plants are reliable and high quality. The generators are air cooled and this gives flexibility in placement and mounting. It is also easy to install documentation equipment for the use and concentration of ozone.

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