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About Naustor Technology

Naustor Technology offers sales, customization, development and installation of ozone, ultrasound and air purification systems.


The company is located in Molde. The CEO is Trond Storebø, who has worked in the marine and maritime industry for almost 20 years. He has a technical education and almost 30 years of experience from the fishing and aquaculture industry.


We work closely with companies and research communities with expertise in ozone treatment and have linked us to a number of good suppliers. Naustor Technology has sales and service of Ozone generators in Norway. 


Long and broad experience combined with new technology makes us an innovative and solid player. We tailor all solutions so that the customer achieves efficient cleaning and cost savings.


Naustor Technology also sells SHIPSONIC products to industries in fisheries, maritime and fish farming. SHIPSONIC keeps hulls, box coolers and cages free of algae and grows through ultrasound.

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