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Use of OZON Offshore

Supply and offshore have high demands on water quality and many have problems with the water quality of the tanks on board and use large resources, chemicals and time to remedy this. Ozone treatment of tanks used for drinking water is very effective. It prevents algae growth and kills bacteria and viruses.


Naustor Technology has fast-disinfecting and cost-effective disinfection solutions. With the installation of our ozone systems, one will reduce the manual work of cleaning / disinfecting tanks. We can customize and automate the ozone systems so that disinfection easily slides into the routines on board. (see reference list)


The plants we supply have an oxygen system integrated in the generators. Ozone produced on oxygen gives a high concentration and thus better and faster effect.


The plants are reliable and high quality. The generators are air cooled and this gives flexibility in placement and mounting. It is also easy to install documentation equipment for the use and concentration of ozone.

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