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air Hygiene

Naustor Technology has partnered with Ventitech, which works with welfare technology within the air hygiene of our indoor environment. We offer high-quality indoor air purification using a recipe that has been around for as long as the atmosphere has given life to the earth's surface. By using the air's own oxygen and hydrogen, in a photocatalytic process, these are converted into friendly natural oxidants, which we need for our indoor air to contain the same important ingredients that natural outdoor air has. Other cycles in ActivPure reduce particles in different ionization processes.


In total, ActivPure stands for a unique solution for controlling odors, pathogenic bacteria, viruses, molds and particles in our homes and workplaces.

Other application areas


With ozone-enriched cold water you can clean and disinfect surfaces in an economical, efficient and environmentally friendly way. Ozone-enriched cold water can replace traditional hot water and harsh chemical treatment methods. This leads to savings in time, energy costs and wear / damage to equipment. All types of surfaces can be treated with ozone-enriched cold water.


Ozone keeps cooling towers clean, with no release of chemicals into the air. Ozone is an effective method to stop dangerous bacterial growth and spread.



Ozone is an effective odor remover. Ozone removes the smell of smoke and fire. The agent is also used to remove bad air in cold rooms, provisions rooms, cars, hotel rooms and the like. After ozone is used for purification or disinfection, it is common to improve the odor and taste of foods and beverages.



We are a distributor of Eco Quest's products that improve the environment indoors in private homes, offices and production premises.


The technology is based on a combination of ozone / ionization / uv / filtration or pure ozone devices.


Fresh air contains three ingredients that are not normally found in indoor air; electric charge (ionization), small amounts of ozone and sufficient air circulation to mix the active ingredients with the pollution.


The Eco Quest products are based on the same principles that exist in the air outdoors and ensure that these elements are mixed in the air indoors. In this way, mildew, fungi and bacteria in the air are reduced. The equipment helps control particles in sizes down to less than 1 micron and oxidizes unwanted gases and odors.


The products can be viewed on the importer's website



Used to purify water in the pool, the ozone will result in a savings in chemical consumption of between 60 - 90%. Savings on operating costs are just one of the benefits. An ozone system uses only air and electricity. Purchasing and storage of chemicals can be reduced to a minimum. The water is both clearer and the environment around the pool is significantly improved. Ozone is used in pools and baths all over the world.



Ozone cleanses toxic and infected wastewater.



Ozone is used to purify freshly picked fruits and vegetables.

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