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Ozone plant for cleaning, disinfecting water and air for fishing vessels, land-based industry, aquaculture and offshore.

Products in environmentally friendly cleaning and disinfection of air and surfaces.

Ultrasound Systems to all vessels, prevent

fouling in sea chest  and hull.


Naustor Technology provides sales, customization, development and installation of ozone systems.

Naustor Technology is approved as a supplier of equipment for disinfection of well boats and surfaces on service vessels, fishing vessels and food fishing facilities. Against bacteria and viruses. See approval here.


Naustor works closely with companies and research centers with expertise in ozone treatment and are associated with a number of good suppliers. Naustor Technology has sales and service of ozone generators in Norway.

Extensive experience in combination with new technologies, makes us an innovative and solid player. We tailor every solution so that the customer achieves efficient purification and cost savings.

Naustor Technology retailer also SHIP SONIC antifouling systems to commercial shipping,fishing vessels and all workboats for aquaculture.  SHIP SONIC  keeps hull and sea chest free of algae, barnacles and fouling through ultrasound. Read more about Shipsonic here.

Naustor Technology sell Ventitech's products in environmentally friendly cleaning and disinfection of air and surfaces. The products use an ActivePure technology that releases natural oxidants that restore the nature of bacteria and virus disinfection. The systems are approved for use in areas where people are staying. Read more about Ventitech's systems here.

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Ultrasonic waves at a given frequency adapted to the application of the vessel are continuously transmitted through steel, aluminum or fiberglass into the water. The technology keeps sea boxes and hulls clean of algae and shells and results in significantly reduced fuel consumption, no mounting inside the sea box or out of the hull, only dry mounting on the sea box or hull inside the vessel. Read more about ultrasound here.



No other cleansing eliminates bacteria in seawater and freshwater as efficiently as OZON, and no other cleansing and disinfection methods can show such economical and environmentally friendly results. Tanks, pipes, grates, surfaces and RSW systems are kept clean without the use of chemicals. Properly adapted cleaning and disinfection systems are both rational, efficient and have low operating costs. OZON can also be used in conjunction with other ultrasonic cleansing methods. Read more about OZON here.

Fresh air

Fresh clean air is a "raw material" that humans change the properties of when we suck it into vessels and buildings via the ventilation systems. The first thing that the air encounters is filters of different kinds, which are often already impregnated with human and natural pollutants that lie in the air outside. Thereafter, the air often passes through a heat exchanger, and then heats up, before it is blown through at high speeds, usually metal pipes, to the rooms in which we are staying.We vent out by supplying air, and return the air by usually an overpressure or underpressure in the vessel and built. This process is at the expense of important elements of fresh air. Natural air has a careful balance that our ecosystem works for everything living around us. It is important to preserve the natural ingredients contained in the air.

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